This is a useful little list from IGN. It outlines the 10 most overused plot devices in games.  If you don’t have time to read the entire list, here’s the short version: (complete article here)

  • Secret Organizations Plotting Conspiracies, Possibly Relating to World Domination
  • Uncovering Long Lost Remnant of Something
  • Fulfilling a Prophecy
  • Killing the Aliens
  • Unlocking One’s Hidden True Powers, A.K.A. the Chosen One
  • Accidentally Unleashing a Terrible Evil
  • Must Seek Revenge
  • World War II
  • Main Character with Amnesia
  • World Ending

Now, if you add that to the list top 10 overused soap opera plots:

  • Amnesia.
  • Your Bitter Rival is Your Mother, Daughter, Sister, Son
  • Switching Paternity Results
  • Back From The Dead
  • You start to see a pattern

The point – there may be plenty of potential in game writing, but it seems we don’t like to stray too far from home.   Just to spice things up, consider reading Epic Game plots made simple, – you may find that when you boil things down, many games tell the same stories.

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