The International Digital Media Arts Association 2010 Conference in Voncouver, BC is focused on the digital narrative this year. Held at Emily Carr University, the conference aims to incorporate all the elements of the current trends in digital media arts as they relate to narrative. This should be a pretty interesting set of topics. Here’s the general overview:

Leading academics, professionals and artists will gather at Emily Carr University of Art and Design for the International Digital Media and Arts Association’s 8th annual conference to explore the world of digital technologies with a focus on the subject of The Digital Narrative. The conference will include workshops, keynote speakers, “extreme close-up” guest panels, paper presentations, networking, discussions, and social events as well as opportunities to explore Emily Carr’s state of the art facilities

New digital technologies and mediums are informing, challenging and reinventing our notions of narrative structures and storytelling. Non- linear, virtual, artificial, interactive, and cyber culture have become common terms and concepts when describing the emerging integration of science, art, and sociology. The Digital Narrative explores ideas of how storytelling and communication is influencing and influenced by new and emerging technologies.

The conference will have an art exhibit which should be interesting too. Although I’m not sure how you show digital narratives that aren’t screen based in an art gallery setting. I’m sure they will figure it out.

The conference website is