We are looking for position papers of colleagues with either an expertise, or experiences (good or bad!), in teaching Interactive Digital Storytelling in either artistically/creative or technically motivated seminars. We are also interested in industrial or other practical experience reports of the knowledge exchange necessary in interdisciplinary projects.

The last 10 years of research in the domain of Interactive Digital Storytelling have led to several advanced systems, which have been demonstrated on stories usually created by the systems’ inventors themselves. To leverage the potential of these systems and to create more and particularly more compelling interactive narratives, it is essential to involve experienced story creators as authors.

A key difficulty is that these authors may lack the technical and conceptual knowledge that is necessary to grasp the complexity of the systems produced by research groups. On the other hand, current storyworld creation by engineers often lacks the conceptual knowledge of creative principles for narratives and drama. Therefore, it is critical to find ways of education across the disciplines.

Within advanced University courses, video game schools, interactive writing curricula, art schools, digital storytelling training sessions etc., students are currently taught in narrative writing and future interactive story technologies for games and digital media. However, there is limited opportunity of sharing experiences and also of reusing educational material across disciplines.

This workshop aims at sharing knowledge, approaches and experiences in teaching Interactive Digital Storytelling, and will be structured by participant presentations and discussions. At the conference ICIDS 2010, it takes place after a tutorial(*) in the morning, “Introduction to Interactive Story Creation”, for authors who want to gain insights into the state of the art in story creation principles for highly-interactive storytelling.

Form of Submission:
2-4 pages A4 including pictures and references
E-mail to: education@interactive-storytelling.com
Deadline: 5th October 2010
Notification of acceptance for presentation: 15th October 2010

Organizers: Ulrike Spierling, Nicolas Szilas, Steve Hoffmann, Urs Richle
from the EU-FP7-Project IRIS (Integrating Research in Interactive Storytelling)